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Evolution of Marine Coastal Ecosystems under the Pressure of Global Changes: Proceedings of Coast Bordeaux Symposium and of the 17th French-Japanese Oceanography Symposium
 ◄ تصویر مولف:
Yves Henocque Hubert-Jean Ceccaldi
ایو هنوکه
هوبرت جان سکالدی
  Teruhisa Komatsu Patrick Prouzet
تروهیسا کوماتسو پاتریک پروزه

Benoit Sautour

بنوئیت ساتور
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نام کتاب
Evolution of Marine Coastal Ecosystems under the Pressure of Global Changes: Proceedings of Coast Bordeaux Symposium and of the 17th French-Japanese Oceanography Symposium
► Author [s]→
Hubert-Jean Ceccaldi,
Teruhisa Komatsu,
Patrick Prouzet,
Benoit Sautour,
Jiro Yoshida
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ناشر / سال نشر
Springer / 2020
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► ISBN→ 9783030434830, 9783030434847
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■ درباره این کتاب:

Coastal and estuarine environments at the interface of terrestrial and marine areas are among the most productive in the world. However, since the beginning of the industrial era, these ecosystems have been subjected to strong anthropogenic pressures intensified from the second half of the 20th century, when there was a marked acceleration in the warming (climate change) of the continents, particularly at high latitudes. Coastal ecosystems are highly vulnerable to alteration of their physical, chemical and biological characteristics (marine intrusion, acidification of marine environments, changes in ecosystems, evolution and artificialization of the coastline, etc.).In contact with heavily populated areas, these environments are often the receptacle of a lot of chemical and biological pollution sources that significantly diminish their resilience. In this context of accelerated evolution and degradation of these areas important for food security of many populations around the world, it is necessary to better identify the factors of pressure and understand, at different scales of observation, their effects and impacts on the biodiversity and on the socio-eco-systems, in order to determine the degree of vulnerability of these coastal ecosystems and the risks they face. A transdisciplinary and integrated approach is required to prevent risks. Within this framework, operational coastal oceanography occupies an important place but also the implementation of a true socio-eco-system approach in order to set up an environmentally friendly development.
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فهرست مطالب در تصاویر بالا گنجانده شده است.
Our Future and the Oceans (Hervé Le Treut)....Pages 3-5 General Guidelines for Future Exchanges in Marine Science and Technology Between the Two Sociétés franco-japonaises d’Océanographie (Hubert-Jean Ceccaldi)....Pages 7-37 Front Matter ....Pages 39-39 The Japan Sea: A Changing Pacific Asian Marginal Sea (Tomoharu Senjyu)....Pages 41-50 Statistical Analysis of Surface Circulation in Sagami Bay Using High-Frequency (HF) Radar (Haruka Nakano, Mai Matsusaka, Issei Nishimura, Hiroyuki Yoritaka, Masao Nemoto, Jiro Yoshida)....Pages 51-65 Statistical Analysis of High-Frequency pCO2 Data Acquired with the ASTAN buoy (South-Western English Channel, Off Roscoff) (Jean-Philippe Gac, Thierry Cariou, Éric Macé, Marc Vernet, Yann Bozec)....Pages 67-82 Spatial Variation in pCO2 Based on 16 Years of In Situ Measurements in the Seto Inland Sea, Japan (Mitsuru Hayashi, Eiji Yamashita)....Pages 83-94 The Bay of Seine: A Resilient Socio-Eco-System Under Cumulative Pressures (Jean-Claude Dauvin, Aurore Raoux, Jean-Philippe Pezy, Noémie Baux, Nathalie Niquil)....Pages 95-109 Effect of Bacterial Infection on the Expression of Stress Proteins and Antioxidative Enzymes in Japanese Flounder (Toshiki Nakano, Kiyoshi Osatomi, Nanami Miura, Yoko Aikawa-Fukuda, Kinya Kanai, Asami Yoshida et al.)....Pages 111-127 Front Matter ....Pages 129-129 A Review of the Effects of Global Warming and Current Trends on Fisheries and Its Impact on Important Commercial Species in Japan (Kazufumi Takayanagi)....Pages 131-146 Physiology of Winter Coral Bleaching in Temperate Zone (Tomihiko Higuchi, Ikuko Yuyama, Sylvain Agostini)....Pages 147-162 Preliminary Report of Impacts of the 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami and Subsequent Events on Macrobenthic Community in a Shallow Brackish Lagoon in Sendai Bay, Japan (Tomohiko Kondoh, Gai Nakayama, Waka Sato-Okoshi)....Pages 163-172 Post-tsunami Oyster Feeding Environment in Nagatsuraura Bay for Three Years (Yutaka Okumura, Motoyuki Hara)....Pages 173-184 Seagrass–Oyster Farmers Interaction Detected by Eelgrass DNA Analysis in Hinase Area of the Seto Inland Sea, Japan (Masakazu Hori, Masaaki Sato, Masami Hamaguchi)....Pages 185-192 Fisheries Biology of Blue Sharks in Sagami Bay, Japan (Hiroki Joshima, Chika Namaizawa, Tadashi Miyazaki, Daisuke Shiode, Jiro Yoshida, Masao Nemoto)....Pages 193-203 Front Matter ....Pages 205-205 Temperature and Salinity Changes in Coastal Waters of Western Europe: Variability, Trends and Extreme Events (Guillaume Charria, Peggy Rimmelin-Maury, Eric Goberville, Stéphane L’Helguen, Nicolas Barrier, Christine David-Beausire et al.)....Pages 207-226 Risk-Based Consenting of Offshore Renewable Energy Projects (RICORE) (Juan Bald, Iratxe Menchaca, Anne Marie O’Hagan, Celia Le Lièvre, Ross Culloch, Finlay Bennet et al.)....Pages 227-242 Does Global Warming Favor the Occurrence of Recent Blue Mussel Mortality Events in France? (Jean-François Pépin, Patrick Soletchnik, Olivier Le Moine, Pierre Polsenaere, Sylvie Génauzeau, Stéphane Robert et al.)....Pages 243-251 Integrated Ecosystem Management for Exploited Coastal Ecosystem Dynamics Under Oligotrophication and Climate Changes (Franck Lagarde, Marion Richard, Valérie Derolez, Beatrice Bec, Romain Pete, Juri Hori et al.)....Pages 253-268 Forty Years of Decline and 10 Years of Management Plan: Are European Eels (Anguilla Anguilla) Recovering? (Eric Feunteun, Patrick Prouzet)....Pages 269-295 The Management of Mediterranean Coastal Habitats: A Plea for a Socio-ecosystem-Based Approach (Charles François Boudouresque, Patrick Astruch, Daniela Bănaru, Jean Blanchot, Aurélie Blanfuné, François Carlotti et al.)....Pages 297-320 Effects of Ground Uplift, Construction of an Artificial Tidal Flat and Tsunami Seawalls on Marine Life and Local Residents Following the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake (Kenji Okoshi)....Pages 321-333 Climate and Culture of Kesen-numa (Hiroyasu Yamauchi)....Pages 335-349 Front Matter ....Pages 351-351 Prospects for Practical “Satoumi” Implementation for Sustainable Development Goals: Lessons Learnt from the Seto Inland Sea, Japan (Takehiro Tanaka, Keita Furukawa)....Pages 353-364 French Marine Nature Parks: An Innovative Tool for Integrated Management of Maritime Space (Melina Roth, Kévin Leleu, Matthieu Cabaussel, Benoit Dumeau, Magali Lucia)....Pages 365-379 Eel Restocking in France: An Emergency Measure to Save the European Eel (Jacqueline Rabic, Déborah Gornet)....Pages 381-391 Management of Aquaculture and Marine Environment in an Open-Type Inner Bay Through the Satoumi Approach: The Case of Shizugawa Bay (Teruhisa Komatsu, Shuji Sasa, Shuhei Sawayama, Hiroki Murata, Shigeru Montani, Osamu Nishimura et al.)....Pages 393-407 Innovation and Adaptation of Recent Oyster Culture Techniques in Japan (Yasuyuki Koike, Tetsuo Seki)....Pages 409-418 Innovative Role of Restoration Support for Tsunami-Affected Oyster Farming in the Karakuwa District, Miyagi Japan, Contribution to the Rationalization of Fishing Ground Management (Masanori Hatakeyama, Tetsuo Seki)....Pages 419-429 A Comparative Study of the Work Environments of Fishermen in France and Japan Using Statistics and Images (Hideyuki Takahashi, Yvon Le Roy)....Pages 431-439 Regional Schemes for the Development of Marine Aquaculture (SRDAM) and Access to New Farming Sites on the French Mediterranean Coast (Catherine Mariojouls, Sophie Girard)....Pages 441-456 Japanese-Type MPAs and Self-organized MPAs by Local Communities in Japan (Teruhisa Komatsu, Nozomi Aoki)....Pages 457-477 From Coast to Coast, the Winding Road of a Nested Governance and Management Approach: Reconciling Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development (Yves Henocque)....Pages 479-497 Front Matter ....Pages 497-497 Educating for an Integrated Management of Coastal Zone: An Example of a Course Initiating to an Applied Multidisciplinary Approach (Catherine Mariojouls, David Montagne, Sophie Boulanger-Joimel, Philippe Sahuc, Bernard Fournier)....Pages 501-508 How to Reduce the Impacts of the French Mediterranean Longline Fisheries on the Megafauna? Preliminary Results of the SELPAL/RéPAST Projects (François Poisson, Sophie Arnaud–Haond, Luisa Métral, Blandine Brisset, Jim Ellis, Sophy McCully et al.)....Pages 509-513

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Evolution of Marine Coastal Ecosystems under the Pressure of Global Changes

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